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Archive: 2017 Announcements

Troparion, Tone 8: 
Blessed art Thou, О Christ our God, Who hast revealed the fishers to be most wise, having sent down upon them the Holy Spirit, and through them having caught the universe: О Lover of mankind, Glory to Thee.
Kontakion, Tone 8: 
When the Most High descended, He blended the tongues, dividing the nations; but when He distributed the tongues of fire, He called all into unity; Wherefore, with one accord, we glorify the All-Holy Spirit.

The real beginning of the history of the Church, its birth, is the feast of Pentecost. On the tenth day after the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, His disciples with His Mother and some other holy women and with some of those Jews who came to believe in Him, about 120 in all, were gathered in a home on mount Zion. As was usual, they were spending their time in prayer and in awaiting the promised Holy Spirit, when all of a sudden there was a noise from heaven as of rushing wind that filled the whole house where they were. And there appeared tongues as of fire that divided and alit on each person. And they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to converse in other languages.
This day was the Jewish feast of the Pentecost that commemorated he giving of the Law on the Mountain of Sinai, and because of this there were many people in Jerusalem from different ands. They heard an unusual noise in the air and started gathering near the house where the apostles had been. They were surprised to hear, each in his own tongue, the mighty works of God. In amazement they started asking: «what does this mean?», and others made fun saying:  «they are drunk on sweet wine».
Then apostle Peter came before the people and said: «Men of Judea and all who live in Jerusalem. Let this be known to you, and give heed to my words. These men are not drunk, for it is only the third hour of the day (nine in the morning according to our time), but the time of fulfillment of the prophecies has come, when the Spirit of God comes down on the faithful. Listen to these words: Jesus the Nazarene, a man attested to you by God with miracles and wonders and signs which God performed through Him in your midst, just as you yourself know, this Man, delivered up by the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God, you took and nailed to a cross by the hands of sinful men and put Him to death. But God raised Him up, putting an end to the bonds of death: because it was impossible for Him to be held in its power.» (Acts 2: 14-15; 22-24)
These words of apostle Peter suggested to him by the Holy Spirit deeply moved many of the people, and on that day about three thousand people were baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Such was the beginning of the spreading of the Gospel, that through the apostles and their disciples it first spread throughout Judea, and then throughout the world.

Peter and Paul Fast: June 12 – July 11, 2017
St. Peter’s Fast, or the Apostles’ Fast, begins, which serves for preparation for the great feast in honor of the Holy First-leaders of the Apostles Peter and Paul. The Church calls us to keep this fast according to the example of the holy Apostles, who, having received the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, prepared themselves to preach the Gospels to the whole world. Read more about the fast here.

All Saints of Russia. Parish Feast Day. 
According to a resolution of the All-Russian Church Counsel of 1917-1918, on the second Sunday after Pentecost the memory of All Saints who have Shown Forth in the Land of Russia is to be celebrated. Their service is published in a separate booklet, and is combined with the regular resurrectional service of the first tone, in the same manner as the first Sunday, of All Saints; however, a megalynarion is likewise appointed to be sung, which on the Sunday of All Saints is sung only in the case of a parish feast. Read more about the feast here.

Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
The Holy Glorious and All-praised First-leaders of the Apostles Peter and Paul. The holy Church particularly reveres these two apostles and sets them apart from the rest — Peter, as the foremost of the apostles, that is, the one who first began his apostolic service, and Paul, as one who labored more than the rest, who worked more than others for the spreading of the Gospel. Both of these great apostles departed this life on the same day, June 29 (July 12 new calendar, through a martyric death in Rome under the emperor Nero. St. Peter was crucified upside-down upon a cross, and St. Paul, being a Roman citizen, was beheaded with the sword. The faithful prepare for the feast of the holy apostles Peter and Paul by means of a special fast, called the Apostles’ Fast, or St. Peter’s Fast.
Read more about the feast here